Monday, September 9, 2019

Tips To Care For Your Car in Heavy Rains

Monsoons are becoming stronger and stronger with every passing year. If you are a car lover then monsoon must be the season you dread the most. It is during the monsoons that the frequency of car troubles shoot up. Your seats get wet, the car smells, the rubber mats at the food get muddy and if your car gets stuck in a flood, there is fear of electric system failure. To help with that, you should take your car to a service centre for its better maintenance. BMW service centre in Mumbai or Mahindra service centre in Mumbai are a few options that you can go for. But, before heading to the service centre, you can also use a few tips that will help your car in the rain.

Avoid car covers in rain:
During the rains, it is easier for everyone to go and find the car cover from their storage to put it on the car. But stop! Due to moisture in the air, the cover might stick to the body of the car and when the sun is out and the car dries, the car’s clear coat will peel right off with it. This will make your trip to the service centre, a must!

Service your AC before-hand:
Your AC will be constantly working during the whole monsoon season to remove the moisture in the car and keep it fresh. To help it work efficiently, it is important that your AC is serviced before-hand and also once during the monsoons.

Keep your tyres in check:
The bad roads and potholes during the rains can seriously affect the condition of your tyres. It is necessary to book a visit at the nearest car service centre and all four of your tyres as well as the spare, a thorough check-up!

These tips to take care of your car during heavy rains will surely help you to check your car’s wear and tear. Servicing your car before and during the monsoon season is also a must.

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